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Tips and tricks

Cost message before & after your call

After entering your desired target number our phone computer will tell you the valid minute rate for your desired destination. By entering your paysafecard voucher PIN afterwards you will start your call at this rate.

After you have finished your call with the remote party, you can listen to a cost message which indicates the total costs of your call. This amount will be debited to your paysafecard.

The total costs for your call are announced automatically either when the remote party is hanging up or youself terminate the call by pressing the * (asterisk key).

Password protected paysafecards

Unfortunately our system is unable to accept password protected paysafecards as passwords cannot be typed in over the telephone.
Therefore you should not protect your paysafecard with a password. If you have already assigned a password to your paysafecard you can get this one erased by calling paysafecard's customer care hotline. You will find the hotline's number printed on your paysafecard.

NEW! Phone book - call even faster with speed dials

Save your most called contacts on speed dial digits. Learn more about our phone book functionality

Activate your phone for using our toll-free 0800 number (Germany only!)

To use our toll-free 0800 dial in number from within Germany your phone number needs to be activated.
To avoid fun callers and additional costs on our side we kindly request you to activate your phone.

How to activate your phone:
Call any of our alternative dial in numbers and make a call at least once to activate your phone for 0800 usage.
IMPORTANT: your caller id must be unblocked when dialing in to allow us saving your number to our database of activated phones.

Please note that your caller id ALWAYS has to be unblocked when calling our 0800 number.

paysafecard is transferable

If you buy paysafecard in your country and tell the called party your paysafecard PIN, he will be able to use this PIN when dialing in through a woopline dial in number in his country as well. This way you can share costs or pay the costs for both parties.

Change the voice service language

When our phone computer prompts you to enter the destination number simply press one of the following key sequences to change the language used in our voice service:

*1# (Asterisk, 1, Hash): English
*2# (Asterisk, 2, Hash): German

Mistyped while entering number or PIN?

In case you noticed a typo while entering phone number or paysafecard PIN simply press the asterisk (*) followed by the hash key (#) to restart your input.

Check the balance on your paysafecard

To check the balance and payments (for example calls you have made through woopline) on your paysafecard, log into the paysafecard's website with your paysafecard PIN: check balance and payments on paysafecard.com

Direct speeddial from your mobile phone

When using woopline with your mobile phone, why not save your most frequent called contacts to your phone's address book directly prefixed with woopline's dial-in number? This way you save a lot of time and just need to enter your paysafecard voucher PIN to start your call.

To save a contact with woopline's dial-in number prefixed you must create a pause between the dial-in and contact's target number.

Depending on your mobile's brand the pause is created differently::

Press and hold 0 until "p" is displayed

Press "N"

Press # and hold until "p" is displayed

Press and holed * until "," is displayed

Press and hold * until "#", "p", "," or a square is displayed

Quickly press * three times until "p" is displayed

Press and hold # until "p" is displayed

Press and hold # until "," is displayed

Press and hold 0 until "+" is displayed

Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Sony, Mitsubishi, Trium
Press and hold * until "p" is displayed

Cash in remaining credit on a paysafecard

paysafecard credit can be transferred back. Please contact paysafecard directly to cash in the remaining credit.
If the transfer is requested within two weeks of purchase, it is free of charge. After that, paysafecard deducts a processing fee of € 7,50 from your credit.
For such a transfer paysafecard needs a copy of your paysafecard, a copy of your ID card, your name and address as well as your bank details (including IBAN and BIC).