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Find below our rates for destinations in Brunei

All rates are charged on a per minute base and include 19% german VAT. When calling from another country rates may slightly differ because of a different VAT. Please listen to the cost message in the phone service.

Networks (Quick view)




€ 0.124
makes one hour for € 7.44




€ 0.124
makes one hour for € 7.44
Prefixes (Detailed view)



673... (Brunei)

€ 0.124



673227... (Brunei MOBILE)

€ 0.124

673228... (Brunei MOBILE)

€ 0.124

673229... (Brunei MOBILE)

€ 0.124

6737... (Brunei MOBILE)

€ 0.124

6738... (Brunei MOBILE)

€ 0.124

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Our dial in numbers

Dial one of our dial in numbers to connect to our phone computer.


0203 39682687

Landline number in Duisburg, Germany
Buy paysafecard in Germany

0180 2 0000 12

German shared cost number. Accessible from Germany only.
EUR 0,06 per call.

0800 666 000 6

German freephone number. Accessible from within Germany only.
Calls to this number are free of charge.

When dialing in through this number we add additional charges to our connection rates:

  • For calls from landlines: EUR 0,03/minute
  • For calls from mobiles: EUR 0,20/minute

Your phone must be activated before you can dial this number.
Find out how to activate your phone for calling our 0800 number


01 2650709

Landline number in Vienna, Austria
Buy paysafecard in Austria


01 4370549

Landline number in Dublin, Ireland
Buy paysafecard in Ireland


020 2620588

Landline number in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Buy paysafecard in Holland

1. Our phone computer...

...prompts you to enter the desired target phone number.

Please enter it using the keypad on your phone. Start your input always with the country code without leading zeros.
Terminate your input with the hash key (#).

You will then listen to the valid minute rate for your desired destination.

2. Our phone computer...

...prompts you to enter your 16-digit paysafecard PIN.

Please enter it as well using your phone's keypad.

Right after that you will listen to your maximum call duration possible.

3. Our phone computer...

...now connects you with your desired target phone number.

If the remote party is unavailable nothing will be charged to your paysafecard.

If your paysafecard is running out of balance our phone computer automatically disconnects your call. In that case you will listen to a short warning signal 30 seconds prior to the call hangup.

You are in full control over your money. Any credit remaining on your paysafecard can be used for more woopline calls or even for shopping in online stores which accept paysafecard.