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Terms of service (as of April 26th 2018)


On https://woopline.com woopla GmbH (woopla) from Duisburg/Germany is promoting a telephony service (service) allowing users to call worldwide destinations and networks. Calls are paid directly on the phone using paysafecard (paysafecard). Users calling woopline through any of the dial in numbers offered are accepting the following terms of service:


woopla is trying to make the service available around the clock and in a meaningful quality of service. woopla is however not to be held responsible for disconnected calls, bad voice quality or any other connection problem. Users have no legal claim for a successful connection to the desired target number.

woopla is entitled to quit or change the service at any time and without any further notice. Users have no legal claim to be offered a possibilty or an alternative solution for making phone calls using paysafecard purchased for this or any other reason.

woopla is entitled to restrict the accessibleness of certain numbers, networks or countries.

Using the service

The user is liable to use the service itself based on the guidelines in the phone service. Premeditative fraud or misuse of the service entitles woopla to block the user for any further calls and to claim refunds against the user occuring from any induced damage or harm.

The user is liable to not using the service to build up connections to numbers or services, which result in a payout to the user itself or any person or company related to the user.

By entering a paysafecard PIN to start a phone call in the service the user is assuring

  • that he has read and fully agrees to paysafecard's terms of service. These terms can be accessed through http://www.paysafecard.com/de/general/agb/allgemeine-geschaeftsbedingungen/ in german language or any other language using the language selector on top of paysafecard's website. paysafecard's terms of service are an essential part of using woopline.
  • that he is the legal owner of the paysafecard used

woopla is disconnecting calls when the used paysafecard's balance is used up.


The user is paying for any connection made to the service based on the rates and tariffs offered by the used network operator.

Before connecting the user to the remote party woopline announces the per minute rate for the following connection. The announced rate is valid starting with a successful connection to the remote party, which includes mailboxes, answering machines and misdirected calls based on a wrong input number. The full and final rate is rounded to the nearest cent.

The user can check a paysafecard's balance and turnovers currently at http://www.paysafecard.com/de/guthaben-abfragen/ (in german language or any other language offered on paysafecard.com).

Court of jurisdiction, applicable law

German law is applicable exclusively.
Exclusive court of jurisdiction and place of performance is Duisburg, Germany.

woopla GmbH
im Technologiezentrum für Duisburg
Bismarckstraße 142a
D-47057 Duisburg