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Holiday on Majorca - call home cheap

Call home cheap from your holiday on Majorca to Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, ...

Dial our access number in Majorca/Mallorca:

971 576765

Costs for a call to a spanish landline number apply
Dial this number from a spanish phone to save the most.
Please check the rates for local calls at your hotel or rates for local calls from a phone booth/phone cabin on Majorca.
If you are using your mobile phone in Spain you will be charged high roaming costs.

Our phone computer welcomes you in german language. Please press *1# to switch to english.

When prompted simply type in the number you would like to call followed by the hash key (#). Example: 4917012345678# to call a german mobile number.

When prompted enter your paysafecard PIN to start your call.

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Our system accepts EURO paysafecards only. Please buy it on Majorca once there or before you start your holiday in your own country if your currency is EURO.
Find the next paysafecard point of sale on Majorca or anywhere else.

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