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Key benefits when using woopline

Your benefits when using woopline

Start making phone calls through woopline at the lowest rates.

The list of benefits is long. This is what you get when using woopline as your #1 entry point for international phone calls.

Accessible from any network

No limitations - use woopline from any network operator. There are no restrictions, simply dial one of our access numbers to make cheap phone calls.

No subscription, no registration

We don't care about your home address or email. Stay anonymous on woopline. Use paysafecard to pay for your calls. paysafecard can be bought for cash.

No money transfer, no credit card payment, no debit note

Pay your calls directly on the phone with paysafecard. You do not have to transfer your money onto a prepaid account. Buy paysafecard for cash at more than 280.000 point of sales all over Europe. Keep your bank account and credit card data private. We don't care!

Lowest rates

Using woopline you will benefit from the lowest rates and best voice quality to any country in the world.

No basic fees, no hidden costs

You only pay for the displayed and announced tariff. At the end of your call we simply debit your paysafecard automatically. It's that easy.

Keep track of your costs

Using paysafecard as your payment method on woopline you automatically get access to a credit and payment panel interface on paysafecard.com
This way you can keep track of your costs at any time and can overview the costs for your phone calls.
Additionally you will never spend more money on your calls than you got credit on your paysafecard. paysafecard is available for €10, €25, €50 and €100.

Cost message

Rates can change - on woopline you are safe: before starting your phone call the current and valid rate is announced. By entering your paysafecard voucher PIN afterwards you do accept this rate and start your call.

International access numbers

woopline is providing access numbers in several countries.